DE REGT Marine Cables is -and has been- a prominent name in the design and manufacture of Custom-engineered, specialty, dynamic or static cable solutions used in subsea applications. The company boasts over 90 years of technological innovation and strength around cable design. These have been applied in many areas; include the Oil & Energy sector, Defense, Seismic Exploration and scientific projects. De Regt is a part of the Sercel group since 2013.

The company’s engineering design departments include all the disciplines required for the specification and design of cable systems for subsea and surface applications. DE REGT Marine Cables has a strong team of engineers, capable of working on conceptual design studies as well as working on a project level, translating concepts to products.

DE REGT Marine Cables’ facility at Krimpen aan de Lek, Netherlands represents a significant commitment to the continued development of DE REGT Marine Cables unique range of products for the seismic, defense and oceanographic sectors.

The purpose-built premises, located near central Rotterdam offer 10,000m2 of hi-spec production and assembly space housing an impressive arrangement of state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. In addition, a landmark office suite accommodates the design and engineering teams and provides spacious open plan project spaces.

The facilities feature a number of innovative systems and processes that promote safe and efficient cable and umbilical design and manufacture. DE REGT Marine Cables’ global service network offers round-the-clock access to specialist technical and engineering assistance in repair, testing, termination and inspection. In-depth product understanding, engineering insight and a comprehensive knowledge of marine seismic and oceanographic applications make DE REGT Marine Cables the partner of choice in the design, development and delivery of reliable and fully qualified products.

Manufacturing facility:

  • Extrusion facilities to suit a wide range of profiles and insulation materials
  • Spacious and well equipped assembly halls
  • Advanced twisting machinery configured to provide flexibility in manufacturing processes and parameters
  • Integrated hi-spec qualification equipment and techniques
  • In-house hard and soft fairing application and complete cable and umbilical termination facilities
  • Integrity testing facilities and client inspection areas

Product range:

  • Single hose seismic airgun umbilicals and termination assemblies
  • Armoured lead-in cables and tow leaders
  • Tactical sonar array cable systems
  • Variable depth sonar cable systems
  • Mine counter measure cable systems
  • Subsea cable systems for sensors and power distribution
  • Deep tow and bottom laid cable systems
  • ROV (lightweight) main lift and tether cables
  • Aerostat cables
  • Dipping sonar cables