Naval Defense Cable Systems

DE REGT Marine Cables has grown into a leading global player, supplying navies around the world with a variety of custom-engineered products such as tactical sonar array cable systems, tow and umbilical cables for in-line combined influence systems and variable depth sonar cables, submarine cable systems for sensors and power distribution and subsea vehicle cables.

Experienced engineering teams develop these cable systems to the specification of, and in close cooperation with, DE REGT’s customers, extensive test programs being an integral part of these projects.

For Naval Defense

Unique knowledge

Navies around the world use DE REGT cables for their various active or passive sonar systems. DE REGT Marine Cables can supply complete, fully terminated, torque-balanced cable assemblies including underwater mateable connections. DE REGT has built up a unique knowledge that enables it to combine several types of high-quality strength members in a single cable setup. This achieves the maximum out of drag reduction and tow strength. The systems are designed for operations requiring swift deployment and reliability. The combination of experience in application environments plus extensive project management makes DE REGT a dependable partner for major naval system suppliers.

The supply of variable depth sonar systems is an area of expertise where DE REGT has enjoyed particular success by becoming the European market leader for towed array cables and towed body cables.

Shop floor innovation

Innovation has always been, and will always be, the driving force of DE REGT and the key to the company’s success. DE REGT constantly seeks R&D projects to broaden its horizons. With a focus on close customer relationships, the collaboration between the customer and the company often starts in the pre-requirement phase of a new concept. DE REGT’s total flexibility enables it to set up a skilled design and engineering team in partnership with clients, which with pooled knowledge and industrial experience, leads to solid results.

Employees are the company’s main asset and DE REGT believes they should have the possibility to develop themselves professionally during their career. In order to attract enough young and ambitious people and be an attractive employer, innovation is a powerful tool. This focus on innovation and top quality products gives an extra dimension for the employees, encouraging both pride in their company and generating motivation to use their energy and creativity.

With its focus on innovation it is no surprise that the company maintains close ties with universities world-wide. DE REGT also constantly seeks knowledge partners for cable technology, and is involved with several groups in offshore markets. This facilitates broad-scale, international, discussion of innovative solutions.

At product level DE REGT intends to develop conventional cables by incorporating sensor elements to monitor temperature and pressure for example. The cable will not connect pieces of the sensor systems, but will be the sensor system itself. DE REGT welcomes clients’ projects and wants to assist them to make improvements that enhance the effectiveness of their systems.