We believe that each employee is vital to the success of the company.

Opportunities are presented based on each individual’s performance and potential in working towards the success of DE REGT Marine Cables. Each employee is supported and encouraged through development of their individual competencies and leadership skills to prepare themselves for that next step in their career and one step closer to realizing their own professional goals.

The quality of our management team is a very important part of our Human Resource strategy.

This is an important element of DE REGT Marine Cables’ strategy and this principle also guides leadership development and mentoring activities. DE REGT Marine Cables regularly rewards employees for their accomplishments while encouraging an open dialogue between employees and management defining development needs and identifying future opportunities.

We are seeking employees who are open to working in a dynamic and fast-paced, team environment.

Working together as a team, we can achieve extraordinary results in a demanding and challenging business environment that is constantly changing, growing and expanding globally.

DE REGT Marine Cables offers employees a competitive salary and benefits package that acknowledges experience, education and role in the company.