Aerostat Tethers


De Regt Marine Cables designs and manufactures aerostat tether cables used for different applications such as: Natural disaster monitoring, Security, Harbor & coastal monitoring, Traffic Monitoring, Environment & weather monitoring etc.

Light weight, small dimensions, high breaking strength and high fatigue lifetime of the aerostat tether cable are important requirements for the aerostat payload. De Regt fully understands the needs, by adopting unique optimized design, select of high performance fibers and optimal electrical and optical components, De Regt can provide the creative solution of custom-built aerostat cables just for your needs.

To reduce the dimension of the aerostat tether cable, De Regt adopts unique optimized design, by filling most of the inner space with high performance fibers instead of filler wires or bedding sheath. To reduce the weight, enhance the breaking strength and high fatigue lifetime, we choose high performance fibers (Kevlar®, Twaron® and Vectran®) and use high tensile strength light weight copper alloys. Lightweight shield designs are available for static dissipation, as well as lightning strike grounding considerations.

De Regt Marine Cables also designs and manufactures strengthen terminations for aerostat tether cables as per customer’s specific requirements. De Regt can offer both in-house and at site termination assembly for customers.

To guarantee the cable and cable system quality, De Regt monitors and tests the products various stage of design and production. A standard Final Acceptance Test (FAT) test includes measurements of all electrical & optical parameters identified per the cable design specification sheet will be issued before shipment. as well as extensive qualification testing of continuous cycling, break strengths and electro-optical dynamic testing are offered to meet customers specific testing requirements.